Race for Life in Sefton Park

Since 2010 I’ve participated in the 5k Wirral Race for Life and today I participated in the 10K run in Sefton Park for the first time.   Over 4,000 women participated in the race today and where motivated to race for their own individual yet momentous reasons or goals, varying from thinking of a loved one lost to Cancer, wanting to raise money speed up the process of finding new methods of defeating the disease and wanting to increase their fitness level.  I always run for the three of those targets equally.  Therefore I decided to synchronise yet again.  I asked my relatives what they genuinely thought of the synchronicity, they responded positively..until I was standing in their presence synchronised on the spot..hilarious! But I knew they shouldn’t be embarrassed and this was because of the one reason why Race for Life is such an impressionable day.  I’ve seen Women dress up as breasts, donkeys and David Bowie, I didn’t think many people would step back from me today.  This turned out to be the result of the day and also due to running in 27 degrees, my mask collapsed after 10 minutes of starting the race!ImageImageImageImageImage

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