The prospect of front row seats for an Alicia Keys performance at the arena was a great accomplishment. The arena capacity is 12,000 and I purchased the tickets long before my ‘synchronicity’, simply I thought what a perfect opportunity because there is not a chance any persons would escape my presence. I decided not to embrace this from the first moment I stepped out of the house. I was accompanied by a person who I call Unknown in this post. Unknown did not take the news I broke to her lightly and the prospect of her accompanying me in my synchronicity did not make her pleased. We are very both very different in terms of interest and levels of creativity. At first I thought it was light humour on her behalf that will easily disappear. So I shall not waffle on about prior engagements. After synchronisation in the ladies bathroom, responses surrounding me were minimal, breathing a uncontrollable curiosity in my opinion. I entered the public eye again to walk to the merchandise stand and I honestly lost track of the numbers of eyes focusing with mine. The assistants on the merchandise stand asked what the purpose of my synchronicity was and I responded with Image“This is what a girl on fire looks like.” Reference to Alicia’s latest single bit clique but I had a moment of condensed creative block and felt slightly embarrassed. Through out the evening, conversations between myself and Unknown were very awkward throughout the night. Unknown barely turned her head to look at me and from the minor expressions I can make from her eye lids, embarrassment covered her like a swarm of bees. It wouldn’t matter how Imagemuch time I spent making inclusive resources for a naturally visual learner, step by step guides or any pedagogical knowledge I have into form of a lesson, it is out her interest altogether and she would not want/need to learn the objectives and purpose of this ‘synchronicity. “If a gorgeous man passed and wanted to talk to me, what would I do?” she replied, I think she genuinely meant to tell me “What if someone not versatile enImageough took the concept the wrong way and you were in danger?” So I was grateful. So how did the rest of the attendees in the arena respond? Mainly occurred before the show began and in the middle of songs. A security guard stepped forward towards me and Unknown to start a conversation. In 5 seconds of examining my face, he drastically pulled back in shock. He asked the most natural question of all and I responded with “This is what a girl who is on fire really looks like.” As I articulated these words, he reached out and touched my mask slightly because he wanted to see what it was made from. A child sitting next to me in the seating area innocently stared and I counted the minutes silently as I hummed to Alicia sing ‘No One’. Approximately 10 minutes in total. The Mother did not turn her head to any extent to notice my appearance. To end this article, I summarise the journey of the synchronicity as simple yet the performance of Alicia Keys: like a Goddess.ImageImage

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